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Plane Clean Air
has been tested in an FDA certified lab and is shown to remove 99.5% of all airborne bacteria, viruses and allergens from your airstream.

So the next time you fly, make sure you travel the healthy way, by using
Plane Clean Air

Product Description

The Plane Clean Air Filter is a compact device that can be attached to a passenger's overhead gasper nozzle. Plane Clean Air houses an electrostatic charged filter media that is capable of removing viruses, bacteria and other particulate matter from an air stream. A thin air gasket is attached to the entrance port of the filter housing. Plane Clean Air is designed for attachment to most gasper configurations (Airbus and Boeing) using the adhesive on the air gasket.

Plane Clean Air filter is installed by removing a release liner from the adhesive on the air gasket and mounting the device directly to the face of the gasper. Air flow velocity can be controlled by rotating the housing which in turn rotates the gasper. Once the desired air flow rate is achieved, the air stream can be directed onto the user's face by turning the air exit nozzle.

At the end of the flight, Plane Clean Air can be detached easily and placed in its storage case. The air gasket adhesive is formulated to hold the product securely but will not leave any adhesive residue on the gasper surface when removed. The adhesive and filter are designed to last for several flights. Replacement adhesive gaskets and filter media can be purchased when required.

Plane Clean Air works by directing a purified air stream at your face. This air stream forces airborne
in the surrounding cabin air away from your face.

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Featured on Kurt the Cyberguy. "Make sure you travel the healthy way, by using Plane Clean Air"

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Product endorsed by 'Jet Smarter' author Diana Fairechild


The Plane Clean Air filter is produced and marketed by Travel Health Products, Inc.

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